All Natural Meats

Fresh meats from pasture-raised cattle, chickens, and sheep. We never use antibiotics or hormones and produce everything seasonally and in keeping with our livestock's natural lifecycle. Our natural and humane farming practices produce the best quality meat and eggs our family has ever had, and we can't wait to share them with you.
Our selection of available products is constantly changing. We do not rush an animal's growth process with antibiotics and hormones, so the season and lifecycle of our animals determines what we have available.
This is a list of some of the most common items we produce on our farm. To check out our full inventory, visit us at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market.
*We carry and can special order halal beef, goat, lamb, and chicken. Please contact us if you are interested in halal or any other special-order products.*

Beef Products

The highest quality grass-fed beef from Scottish Highland Cattle. Fresh from our farm to your table.


Our pasture-raised chickens are raised in a happy, humane environment. In addition to poultry, we also offer farm-fresh eggs.


At All Natural Farms, we take pride in the lean, healthy lamb and mutton produced by our sheep. Whether you're cooking a full leg of lamb or stew, we have everything you need.