Where to Buy:
Charlotte Regional Farmer's Market

1How can I get meats from All Natural Farms?
Our products are only available at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market. Since our selection is always changing, we do not take orders online at this time.
2Can I purchase an animal for my own farm?
We do offer limited quantities of cattle and shepherd dogs for sale. You can contact us for any inquiries. If you are interested in purchasing an animal from All Natural Farms, you must fill out an application form.
3Can you ship me my order?
We do not ship orders at this time. Our products must be purchased in person at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market. The list of products on this site is meant to be an example of the types of products we may have in stock throughout the year.
4Why can't I get certain products year round?
Our farm uses all natural techniques, including respecting the lifecycle of our animals. We don't rush an animal's lifecycle with antibiotics or hormones, which means not every product is available in every season. If you are interested in a particular product, your best course of action is to call and ask when it will be available.

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